1. To ensure uniformity in th ecloth for the school uniform, cloth length must be purchased from school of S.Kumar brand. NO CLOTH MATERIALS FROM OUTSIDE WILL BE ALLOWED.
  2. The uniform has to be stitched by any local tailor as per the specification given in school. Any violation from the specification provided by the school can be rectified by again stitching a new Uniform.
  3. All student must be in net and clean and properly ironed school uniform everyday. The shoes must be polished everyday and socks must have tight elastic. For any kind of improper uniform the penalty of Rs. 10/- per day will be imposed.
  4. School Tie provided by the school must be worn in proper way with tie knot at the top with collar button properly fixed.
  5. The Identity Card provided by the school must be worn everyday. A student will not be allowed to sit in the class if the Identity Card is not brought.
  6. Stylish haircuts or colouring are not permitted.
  7. Girls will not wear any jewellery or use cosmetics in school, coloured hair clips or bands.
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